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Cars are a lot different these days

EV Table provides an honest opinion on which electric vehicles are best for your needs, when you should consider gas, and what's worth waiting for.

Best for people who...

Want the Sweet Spot: Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

Best Car For Most People

  • Sweet spot EV - The Model Y is the best-selling EV because it's good at everything and great at most things, with a spacious cargo area, top range, and a good interior, for under $45K if you qualify for the federal tax credit ⓘ.
  • Top range + superchargers - Best range (330mi) of any all-electric SUV except the $100K Model X. Access to Tesla supercharger network makes road trips realistic.
  • Not right for everyone - Buyers who absolutely need to tow, carry 7 adults, or who want ultimate luxury should consider other options.

Want a Killer Deal: Chevy Bolt / Bolt EUV

  • Insanely good value - 250 mile range starting at ~$23,000 or less if you qualify for the federal tax credit ⓘ.
  • Extremely practical - Small van shape provides good cargo capacity without passengers. Comfortable to get into and out of for passengers with mobility challenges.
  • A little ugly & slow charging - Not the most attractive car, and slow charging makes long road trips unrealistic in the Bolt.

Can't Charge At Home: Toyota Prius Prime SE

  • Great on gas - The Prius is one of the most fuel efficient cars even once its battery has been depleted.
  • Tried & true, but new - The Prius has been on the road for 20+ years, and Toyota is known for top-notch reliability. The Prius was just redesigned for 2023 and looks much better.
  • Small & underpowered - The Prius gets its efficiency in part from having a smaller size and lower power.

Need a Truck: Ford F-150 Lightning

  • It's an F-150 - The gas F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in America, and the Lightning benefits from Ford's dealer and service network.
  • Effortless towing - Tow up to 10,000lbs with much more power than a gas F-150, and instantaneous responsive torque.
  • Conventional take on a truck - For buyers looking at higher trims, consider the Rivian R1T for more innovative all-electric features and much more power.

Road Trip Regularly: Toyota RAV4 Prime

  • Perfect size + range - Ready for road-trips with the best electric range (42mi) and 2nd-best gas mileage (38mpg) of any plug-in SUV.
  • Great value - Best cost per mile of range ($1058/mi) of any plug-in SUV. Better than all cars too, except the Prius. Comes with Toyota reliability and dealer network.
  • Outdated tech & interior - Clunky small infotainment and lower quality materials compared to the Hyundai Tucson.

Need a Large SUV, Don't Mind a Wait: Rivian R1S

  • Largest all-electric SUV - At 201 inches long and seating 7, the R1S is spacious enough for almost anyone's needs.
  • Incredible power and tech - With 0-60 time under 4s, this large SUV still accelerates like a sports car. On the interior, the infotainment feels much more modern than competitors from traditional manufacturers.
  • Not available until 2024 - New R1S orders are backlogged until next year.

Love Driving & Luxury, Willing to Pay For It: Porsche Taycan

  • The "Porsche" of EVs - The Taycan has one of the best driving feels of any all-electric car, and top trims have nearly as much power as the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air.
  • Beautiful exterior & interior - One of the best-looking EVs, with interior materials at the top tier of quality.
  • Absurdly expensive - Way past the point of diminishing returns for most buyers, the Taycan is one of the worst values on a spec-for-dollar basis. Only consider it if you love it.

Need a 7-Seater Today: Volvo XC90

  • Spacious and available now - One of the only options for 7-seater plug-in or electric vehicles actually available today, including in dealer inventory.
  • Top safety - An IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and a 5-star rating from the NHTSA makes the XC90 one of the safest family vehicles on the road.
  • Expensive starting price - The XC90 is a luxury-only experience, starting at $73K. Unfortunately there simply isn't an affordable option at this vehicle size.

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