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Some things are worth waiting for

Get notified when new options become available without being spammed by car dealers.

Beware! Information on unreleased products is often unreliable.
  • Availability is often delayed.
  • Price is usually quoted as the lowest possible starting price for the cheapest base model. Other specs like range and performance are quoted as the highest possible spec on the most expensive model.
  • Trims are often released at different times, starting with the most expensive trim and working down to the base model, which may not be available for months longer.
  • Qualification for the federal tax credit won't be clear until the car is finalized.
  • Once a car is fully available, it will be removed from this list and moved to All Options
  • This list only includes cars that the manufacturer has stated intention to bring to full production. It does not include concept cars or cars that are multiple years away.