The Lamborghini Lanzador is the nightmare version of our electric hypercar dreams

August 18, 2023

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Lamborghini thrives on finding beauty in the absurd. Whether from a V12 growl booming through small streets, "Lamborghini" doors opening vertically, head-spinning acceleration numbers, or the preposterously in-your-face design, every Lamborghini offers something wildly gorgeous.

An all-electric Lamborghini is a dream. Take everything about Lamborghini today from the ludicrous horsepower to the machine-precise tuning, and turn it to 11. An all-electric Lamborghini could be and should be the best Lamborghini ever.

So why is this strange crossover between a car and a ... crossover ... the first electric Lamborghini? Calling it a letdown would be an understatement of epic proportions. It's not that Lamborghini hasn't embraced this particular type of absurdity before. The Huracรกn Sterrato is one of the final models of Huracรกn, and it's designed for offroading - yes, offroading in a Lamborghini. And of course Lamborghini embraced SUVs with the Urus, which is now its best-selling vehicle ever. Lamborghini gets an automatic pass on absurdity because Lamborghini is absurdity. Its confidence and charisma is what makes it irresistable.

So the Lanzador feels like a bit of a betrayal - not of the brand, but of what could have been. Why isn't the first all-electric Lamborghini showing up the Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire with face-melting acceleration + the hexagonal bliss and two-seated impracticality we love about Lamborghini? The best thing to say about the Lanzador is that it's only a concept at this stage, but unfortunately a concept that Lamborghini intends to bring to production by 2028. Maybe in 5 years hotter heads will prevail and this will only be a specialty version of a real sports car. Let's hope.

Aspects of the Lanzador are beautiful and quintessentially Lambo. The top-down view shows the muscle. The interior still has the lift-to-start button that feels (appropriately) like you're launching a rocketship. The two electric motors, one for each axle (but not four, one for each wheel), will produce a combined output of 1,341 horsepower. Ultimately the Lanzador concept is a four-seater with a long wheelbase and a high ground clearance, giving it the look of something weirdly in-between.

If nothing else, the Lanzador is a stepping stone toward an electric future for Lamborghini. It's about time.

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